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We have decided to adapt all of our photo galleries to Pintrest in order to create better access for everyone to view some of our favorite projects. There is a link on everypage of our website now in the lefthand sidebar or you can follow the link below. Outdoor living is our passion and we hope it will become yours too!

Beginning late 2011, Pinterest has been in a widespread way covered in the two main-stream and merchandizing blogs as well as newspapers for its extremely fast development plus broad acceptance. Pinterest is a visual social networking to pin pictures (or videos) to pinboards (which are the accumulations of pins, frequently along with a standard theme). Below are a few of main strengths of Pinterest for marketing.

1. Extremely fast development
At the time of feb. this year, Pinterest gained 10. 4 million users. Furthermore the expected value period of time spent on the website for each visitor had been 97. 8 minutes. Those statistics demonstrates the website is sticky, offering vital worth to its users therefore they are ready to reserve a substantial amount of their daytime to spend onto it. if perhaps these stats keep on to move up, it is a sign that Pinterest is not only a casual craze.

2. Sharing content is easy
Pinterest has the benefit of easy sharing content on the internet. This platform motivates users to down load a pinmarklet, a toolbar bookmarker which allows people to pin any photos or videos they find online to contribute it. There is no need to copy and paste links or changing among browsers and tabs. In the event that you provide nice visual content, Pinterest merely managed to make it more comfortable for that particular content to be circularized by your followors to a whole new audience.

3. Very visual
Pinterest: is an image-driven web site. Many studies indicate that individuals enjoy going through images on the web. Actually, pictures as well as videos are the most contributed content on e. g. Facebook, along with more than 250 million photographs uploaded daily. If perhaps you are in a product-driven industry, contributing lovely pictures of your products on Pinterest is really a bare method to provide with leverage the enormous effectiveness of visuals on a flourishing social networking that’s committed exclusively to contributing wonderful pictures.

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