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Trex Transcends Decking (capstock decking, or a vinyl encapsulated composite decking)


Trex Decks

Trex, the worlds leader in alternative decking, revolutionized the Decking industry with the release of Transcends in early 2010. They launched their line of tropical finishes the following year with all the beauty and none of the bother of traditional wood decking and plastic like PVC. The streaking in these boards makes each one unique, and far more visually diverse than any previous products on the market. They recently added Tiki Torch to the line up of spiced rum, and lava rock in late 2012. All the transcends line of decking and railing have a 25 year warranty against staining, fading, mold, and mildew, as well as being far more scratch resistant than pvc decking. We highly recommend Trex transcends decking and railing and think that for the long term it is the best value on the market!


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The secret to transcends and all "cap stock decking" is the coextrusion process that forms a vinyl shell around a composite core. Trex is a leader in green building process and has never felled a tree in the history of the company, they are the nations leader in recycling plastic bags with 9 out of 10 recycled bags ending up in their decking. Spending time outdoors feels far better when you are helping to preserve the environment. Trex transcends Decking is made of 95% recycled materials, including plastic shopping bags, reclaimed wood and sawdust-no trees come down and no rainforests are harvested.

ALWAYS GREEN: Go exotic without the Guilt. One and a half acres of rainforest go extinct an hour due to overdevelopment and greedy harvesting. Trex transcend's tropical colors offer the same luxurious look (and better endurance) without the costly consequences.

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HASSLE FREE: Unless you call occasional cleaning with soap and water "work" get ready for hassle-free, carpe diem outdoor living, compliments of the virtually indestructible Transcends shell, which protects the exposed surfaces and requires no sanding, no staining and no painting, EVER.

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2012 Tres Most Creative Deck

We are proud to partner with Trex being the only Platinum Contractor in Kentucky, as well as winning the Trex award for the most creative design in 2012 for a deck that we built in London, Kentucky. The unique make up of trex decking and railing allows us to create custom curves and shapes that were previously not possible with traditional wood decking. Each board is wrapped on 3 sides to brave the elements and the underside breaths to avoid the swelling and surface separation some of the competitors suffer. The transcends shell is also thicker than any of the competition and is made of a unique formulation that produces a beautiful low sheen, natural look. They have seven original colors that compliment each other, as well as any home, and three tropical finishes that feature the the streaking normally found in lush hardwoods.

curved trex deck

Like all Premium products, the initial investment in Trex decking is higher than wood, but when you factor in the cost of maintenance in 5-10 years the cost of wood and trex is very similar. Additionally, trex decking features a transferable 25 year warranty and so most people can expect to see 70% or more of their investment returned at resale. Where as wood decking, after just a few years, is considered worn out and no longer attractive. We often tear out decking and rails that are just several years old for a multitude of reasons: wood twists, warps, bends, cracks, cups, splits, and splinters to name a few. The best day it looks is the day we leave. It requires constant, bothersome maintenance with harsh chemicals. For these reasons we estimate the average life span of wood decking and railing in Kentucky to be 7-10 years. This means that you loose 100% of your investment with wood in as few as 7 to 10 years and when you factor in the cost of maintenance it is more like 130% of the original purchase price. In contrast with the transferable warranty of Trex, means you retain the majority of your investment with a hassle free, eco friendly product all the while enjoying the benefits of adding a vibrant, comfortable outdoor living space to your home.

Trex has a line of lighting that helps you get the most out of your new deck. From added security, to slumber parties, or late night cocktails, Trex lighting features LED bulbs that are rated to 40,000 hours and use 75 percent less electricity than traditional lighting. They are cool to the touch and have no exposed fasteners. Trex also has increased their line of railings this year to feature more modern, powder coated aluminum railing and budget friendly vinyl rails. They feature a line of under deck waterproofing that doubles the usable space created by your new deck as well as protecting the structure from water damage.


Trex has also launched a line of structural metal components for decks called Elevations that feature greater spans, perfectly flat decks, and beautiful curves. Trex extends the warranty coverage of your new deck to include the structure all backed by the Leader in alternative decking.



Trex offers a complete line of decking, railing, lighting, structural, trim, as well as under decking waterproofing. Below is a complete list of trex products that we offer.

(more about the complete line of Trex Products)

Before and After Trex Transcends Decking

We are proud to have built many great Trex decks over the years, visit our galleries at pintrest from the link below to see some more of our latest projects or follow us on facebook on the left hand side bar.