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When it comes to decks, your options are really unlimited now. The first decision you need to make; is if a wood deck, a synthetic deck, or composite deck will better suit your needs. There a lot of pros an cons to all the choices and you can find more extensive information in my blog section.

The initial cost of composite is roughly twice that of pressure treated wood, but there if less maintenance than wood, and some great advantages like a lifetime warranty against splinters, and rotting. Composite decks are susceptible to mold, can be scratched or stained, and do fade color in sunlight, and so they do offer improvements over wood, but have there own drawbacks.

Most of the problems with composite have to do with the fact that they still contain 20% wood. This has been solved with the release of fully synthetic decking. While the initial cost is a little more than composite, synthetic decks have warranties against fading and staining. Additionally, they are much harder to scratch and damage.

Some people like the traditional feel of wood, be it pressure treated, cedar, redwood, ipe, or teak. It requires more maintenance, but there is no denying that there is a significant difference in initial price. Perhaps, you are looking for a long term low maintenance solution. Either way, we work hard to help you find the solution that is best for you!