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computerI have designed many decks, porches and other things over the years. Coming soon I will have all of my favorite designs available for purchase instantly! For now you fill out the quote form and specify which design you are interested in. You will be able to use the designs to build, print in 2d , view the pdf, and view a 3d video of the designs all for one low price.(more about whats included) Or, you can purchase unlimited access to all of the deck designs in our design center for $49.95 a month. The only restriction is resale of the designs.

Any of the designs you see on this page or in the gallerys are available for ONLY $19.95:

Click on pictures to see available designs: sample page

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Custom Designs:

Not only can we customize the shape, but also details down to the type of decking, post caps, shadows and reflections. When we say custom we mean custom. We can even export video now for you to watch!

(GO TO CUSTOM DESIGNS)We can modify any drawing or Create a Custom Deck Design for your house: $179.00 which includes up to three hours of design. (we deduct cost of the design from any deck that we build here in Kentucky)

custom deck

You can email me at: andyhulette@aol.com and attach pictures of the area that you want a deck, or give us a call at (859)433-7131. I also have skype so feel free to set up an appointment with me.

go to low decks go to mid height decks go to high decks