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Deck Drawing Prices:

Our designs are ready to take down to your local building department to get a permit, or to start construction. All decks are engineered to 40 psf live load and 15psf dead load residential standards anywhere in America.

*The only thing else you need is to contact your local building department for frost footing depth because they vary from area to area. Assumes your soil meets minimum 1500 psi soil compression capacity.


Build your own deck, save yourself thousands. I have spent years building decks and now you can know all the inside secrets, and how to save money while building a top quality deck, and because we also include a deck guide with every purchase, you will save far more than the cost of the plans with all the information.

Detailed planning up front can save money. We can customize the color of decking, shape of deck, stairs, railings, right down to shadows and reflections all for $179.00. (see custom designs)


overview1) 3d Overview Page: You get a complete color 3d image, showing steps, handrail, accessories. This really allows anyone to visualize what there deck will look like.

*Pro Hint: Having your layout finalized before you hire a contractor will save you BIG MONEY, not only will you save him time in the guesswork of design, but show you are committed to the project. We are always happy to give a discount to people who have done the design on there own.


footer2) Footers Layout page:We will take the head ache out of layout, there is nothing worse than digging a footing in the wrong place. Using a two point reference system we will make your layout a snap. Most importantly, it will assure that it is also square from the start! Use the same systems our pro crews do, which eliminates the need for experience or a PHD in Trigonometry.



design3) Deck Designs page: This will show you the layout of joists, beams, posts to meet residential code. We design decks that minimize waste, saving you even more money. It includes many helpful dimensions that will let you do it right the first time.

4) Details Page: We also provide you with details about how to connect the house band, post to beam connections, and some additional stair information.


5) Materials List: We give you a detailed list of all the materials needed to meet the National Residential Code. This will save you time and trips to the hardware store, and will insure you build a safe structure that will last for years to come. We even include tips on getting the best deals on your materials package, which will save you far more than the cost of the plans!

6) Complete Guide to Decks: These are useful tips and guides to building and constructing decks, it tells all about the latest techniques, codes, and tools that will make installing your next deck a breeze. All written from the standpoint of someone who has built hundreds of decks successfully, with limited labor. It has many helpful pictures, tips, and examples. It also includes great advice on saving money on your next deck project regardless of if you are going to build the deck yourself, or your going to try and get a great deal from a contractor! (back to plans page)