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Custom Deck Drawings:

Custom Deck Drawings start at $179.00 *This includes 3 hours of design and customization. This is enough to modify most drawings to fit your house exactlly, include details of your house in the 2d and 3d drawings, and make the color, rail style, and stairs work with your layout. It also allows enough time to custom design a small deck or project to your exact specifications. If you have a large project custom designed, or want several revisions and modifications the cost is a little more . Check out or Gallery of Designs!

custom deck drawing

We have learned through years of experiance that every house is unique, by customizing your deck plans for you, we can help save you money by having all the details right from the start. Many times one small change can lead to a multitude of additional costs.

lexington custom deck designs custom deck drawing kentucky

We are able to customize drawings to include incredible details. We can show what the deck will look like at your house with incredible detail in 3d. We can change the direction of deck boards, add custom stairs, planters, and benches. We can also show different types of railings, all colors of materials, shadows and reflections. We can add accessories, landscaping, grills and patio furniture so you can see how your layout will function in advance.

kentucky deck custom deck designs

We are able to export .avi format movies now as well.

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