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Additions and Complete Remodeling

lexington remodelingI know first hand all the challenges involved in remodeling a house. I began demolition and remodeling my house on Delong Rd. in Lexington in 2002. Not only was I the owner, but also the general contractor and all the subcontractors. I did everything myself to save money. I got electric permits, plumbing permits, did my own foundations, framed 5000 sq. ft. , insulated, installed 600 sheets of drywall, set 25,000 bricks, installed 60 square of shingles, built my own cabinets, custom showers, etc...(see more in blog)

Remodeling a house or adding an addition is one of the biggest challenges in residential construction. It is far more difficult than building a new house. There are several reasons that make remodeling more expensive and time consuming than new construction. Call (859)433-7131 or email:andyhulette@aol.com

1) Access is usually the biggest one, because access is often limited in remodeling it takes more time than working on a open building site. Everything from materials delivery and storage, temporary bathrooms, and trash removal must be carefully coordinated. Also, many times people want to keep landscaping, or original elements and so they have to be protected during the construction process and carefully worked around. Additionally, people want to continue to live in the house during the process presenting even more challenges.

2) The next difficulty in remodeling is the unknown. No matter how much you plan, the only way to know exactly what is inside a wall is to tear it out. There is no way of knowing what is under the ground except to start digging. It makes contingency planning for remodeling far more important than in new construction.

3) Large remodeling and additions have alot of changes! The devil is in the details, and no matter what someone tells you before you start the job, changes always occur during large remodeling. Ask what is the rate for changes up front. Careful detailed planning can eliminate some of this but not all. It is better to pay a little for the time needed to create a detailed estimate up front. (see designs page ) *Hint: Detailed estimates are alot of times 20 pages long for additions/whole house remodeling, not including plans!!!!

4) Another difference is the scheduling, and supervision of subcontractors compared to larger companies. Because of my extensive experience we eliminate the need for alot of subcontractors, and the subcontractors I do use, have worked with me for over a decade, our kids play together, and I get top priority in scheduling, and wholesale pricing.

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General Remodeling Prices for Spring 2011: *note prices can vary by 20% depending on finishes

Addtions or complete remodeling w/ no bath: $80.00 psf ...................Additions w/ bath: $100.00 psf

Basment complete finishing w/ no bath: $20.00 psf............................Basement w/bath: $30.00 psf

20ft. by 20ft. room additions start at $32,000.00 or 30ft. by 30ft. $65,000.00

1000 square ft. basment: $20,00.00 or $30,000.00 with bath ....... Changes Labor: $37.50 per hour